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My Approach

Making the step to seek therapy can feel daunting and scary. Yet most of us have encountered times when we have needed help or have longed to be truly heard and understood.

When you make initial contact we will have a short conversation and arrange an appointment. In the first session we have the opportunity to meet and to explore why you have come and what you hope for, and to look at any questions you may have. If we decide to work together a therapeutic contract is agreed.

My approach is based on my belief that we are all intrinsically whole and that life is a journey of realising that wholeness. On this journey we all meet situations or crisis points which leave us feeling confused, angry, bereft, lost or otherwise distressed. We might feel stuck in repetitive patterns and blocked from being who we truly are and from fulfilling our potential.

Psychosynthesis sees this as a ‘journey of the soul’ in which such challenges may become the opportunities for growth and transformation. Working together in a supportive and trusting environment we explore whatever is painful and difficult while at the same time listening to the will of the Self that is seeking expression.

We do this at a pace set by you. Working at the levels of body, soul and spirit this process is guided by a relationship to the deep Self. With growing awareness we gain insights, develop emotional authenticity, and free our will. Our lives become richer and more fulfilled. In this it is a psychology of the Will and of Hope.

Psychosynthesis is a depth psychology which was developed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli during the 20th Century with the aim of supporting Self-Actualisation and Self-Realisation.

‘Deep within the human spirit there is a search unfolding’

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